Mako Industries is a leading manufacturer of industrial quality, turnkey remediation systems for the environmental industry.

We have a reputation for producing quality systems that are reliable and efficient. We design, create, sell, rent and service all types of industrial remediation systems, from water treatment equipment to soil remediation systems. Mako Industries also has a large fleet of rental equipment and our Field Services Group includes a fully staffed team of environmental service technicians with years of remediation service experience.

Mission Statement

Thermal/Catalytic Oxidizers Vapor Extraction/Air Injection Systems
100 CFM Thermal Oxidizer (MV)
250 CFM Thermal Oxidizer (MV)
500 CFM Thermal Oxidizer (MV)
300 CFM Thermal Oxidizer (HV)
400 CFM Thermal Oxidizer (HV)
2000 CFM Thermal Oxidizer (DG)
4000 CFM Thermal Oxidizer (DG)

100 CFM VES (MV)
250 CFM VES (MV)
500 CFM VES (MV)
300 CFM VES (HV)
400 CFM VES (HV)
100 CFM MKVES (Green Power)
Electric Catalytic Oxidizers Carbon Filtration Systems
100 CFM Catalytic Oxidizer (MV)
250 CFM Catalytic Oxidizer (MV)
500 CFM Catalytic Oxidizer (MV)
300 CFM Catalytic Oxidizer (HV)
400 CFM Catalytic Oxidizer (HV)
Filtration Vessels and Media

Water Treatment Systems

1-25 GPM WTS
1-250 GPM WTS

Ozone/Oxygen Injection Systems

3 Pound | 6 Pound | 240 Pound

Portable Solar Powered
"Off Grid" Power Generator


Spare Parts

Ozone | Blower | Oxidizer | Panel

Advanced GeoEnvironmental, Inc.
We've purchased more than 30 remediation systems from Mako Industries over the years. Providing unmatched quality, workmanship and value, Mako systems have been instrumental in obtaining dozens of site closures for our Clients throughout California. They continually exceed our expectations in both operational time and ease of maintenance. Field service is always timely, helpful and economical.
-Robert Marty, President

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